Hakka People of East Asia

(HAHK-uh) – “Pray for Taiwan Baptist churches that are beginning to engage the Hakka in their communities. We see movement in Meinung and Pingtung in southern Taiwan, in Miaoli in central Taiwan, and in Taoyuan and Hsinchu in north-central Taiwan. The work begins with praying for the Hakka, then seeing them as loved by God and reaching out to them. Shimen Baptist Church in Taoyuan County shares: ‘We hope to cooperate with the Hakka Cultural Center to launch a gospel ministry in 2024. We also hope to include Hakka hymns and worship songs during our regular Sunday services. We have begun to work with other churches to organize gospel activities throughout the community.’ On December 30, Shimen Baptist Church hosted an outreach event, engaging Hakka families in their community. Over 600 heard the gospel presented in a variety of ways. Pray for God to lead these new efforts to bring the good news of Christ to the unreached Hakka of Taiwan. Pray for God to open ears and hearts of these Hakka families, and for them to respond to the call into His kingdom, bringing light and salvation to their families and communities.”