Hungarians of Hungary

Things are moving forward with the global “tween-ager” ministry! Members of Team Hungary who are working on this are in the U.S. for several months, but technology allows much of it to continue. Online training is in progress, and more requests are coming in from around the world. “It’s awesome to see the training component grow so quickly, but it’s only going to be possible as long as we have strong prayer support,” shares a member of the team. “Our goal is to have 24/7 intercession going on for the kids of the world–we’re asking people to commit to pray at least five minutes a week, and we’re filling in the times on a master calendar. With believers from many countries doing this, there will be prayer day and night. As things in the ministry develop, we’ll be sending this prayer team even more specific prayer topics and updates about the kids and upcoming outreach events. We’re encouraged to see more and more people who are excited to be involved!”