New Year’s Day began in a most unsettling way for many who live on the Noto Peninsula in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture. There was another strong earthquake accompanied by a tsunami. Particularly hard hit were the towns of Suzu, Wajima, and Anamizu. It was estimated in Suzu that 90% of the buildings were damaged or destroyed. Over 200 people died, and around 9,500 people are now living in evacuation shelters. Just like previous earthquakes, the rebuilding process promises to be long and involved. Send Relief has been on the ground to assess and search for ways to cooperatively make a difference. Especially pray for the many elderly who have been disproportionately affected. Many have been uprooted from their homes, and their future is uncertain. Ask for physical help and for spiritual hope to come their way. Pray for the local churches and pastors to be encouraged and not overwhelmed. Ask that, once again, a generation of Christian volunteers will step up. Pray that the Father will work through them, that unity among believers will be evidenced, and that the people there will sense God’s love through them.