Bullying in Japanese schools is so serious that the number of cases that police had to get involved has reached the highest level in 10 years. Japanese schools have long been infamous for bullying. Why is that the case? The Japanese prize conformity — all fitting in and everyone knowing their place. Therefore, a student who is different from the rest is often targeted for bullying. Children seldom talk about these sorts of things with their parents because they often don’t want to burden their parents. It’s also difficult for students to go to a teacher for fear of bringing even more unwanted attention. So those who are bullied often suffer alone. Please pray for Japanese students who are bullied to find hope in Christ and a safe way of escape from trauma inducing situations. Also pray for the millions of Japanese who do not yet know Jesus and are suffering under sin and the work of Satan, the ultimate bully, who will do all he can to discourage and defeat people, relentlessly attacking them where they are most vulnerable. Pray that Japanese might come to know God, a true friend who says, “you are precious in my sight” (Isaiah 43:4 NASB).