Jewish Diaspora Worldwide

(die-AS-puh-ruh) – Many Jewish people are returning to their homeland because of the rising antagonism against them across the world. They are confused and a bit frightened by how quickly this has happened again. The often-heard saying of “never again,” referring to the horrible holocaust of World War II, is front and center in their minds and hearts. Some holocaust survivors have had terrible nightmares and even have vocalized how they thought this would never happen again. To them, it is happening again, especially those older survivors who went through so much and are so close to meeting the only One who can save them forever. The Jewish people worldwide need and desire your prayers. Please pray for these people who are shaken to their core. And because the “spirit of Haman,” the evil man in the Book of Esther, seems to have risen again, they need the Son to help them, and they need to know who He is once and for all.