Kampala, Uganda

(kahm-PAH-lah) – The Karamojong are a shepherding warrior tribe from northeastern Uganda. They are strong people who believe that cattle are the most important thing in life–even more than life itself. In Kampala, some of the Karamojong are trapped in slums. False promises of a better life have left many to beg on the streets. But some are finding hope through Jesus. Please pray for the Karamojong in the slums of Kampala. Ask that they will hear the gospel and turn to Christ. Pray for the one missionary who is engaging them, and ask the Lord for wisdom, guidance, and perseverance in that difficult task. Pray against the bondage of alcohol in this community, and ask that people will have clear minds in order to hear the Word. Pray for biblical pastors from other tribes in Kampala to be willing to help evangelize the Karamojong in the city. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:37 ESV).