Karamojong of Uganda

(CARE-ah-muh-jong) – Pray for the security situation in Uganda’s Karamoja region. It mainly involves cattle raiding between sub-tribes of the Karamojong and the Turkana of Kenya. The government disarmed people decades ago; however, the guns have returned. Violence and raiding have escalated over the past three years, and it’s estimated that more than 2,000 people have died due to the violence, not to mention hundreds wounded and a rise in armed robbery. It has been compared to the Wild West because of the combination of cattle rustlers fighting one another and the army trying to settle disputes. There’s also a lack of police and soldiers in the region. The situation is complicated by such factors such as poverty, cultural/tribal issues, greed and love for cattle, desire for vengeance, poor leadership, and the exploitation of communities. The recent East Africa drought, with 500,000 people dependent on food aid, has contributed to this issue. Pray that believers in all positions of authority will courageously rise up and seek heavenly counsel and divine wisdom. Pray that the church will remember and proclaim Exodus 15:3 (CSB) that “the LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name” and boldly share the peace that He offers.