Karamojong of Uganda

(CARE-ah-muh-jong) – Pray for the church in the village of Lomuton, asking that God will provide financially for the church members, as many of them are without jobs. Pray for the safety of church members who are mining for gold in the nearby mountains. Intercede for their evangelism efforts in the village of Kapelmen, as they desire to plant a church there. Please lift up Pastor Ray. Pray for spiritual integrity and personal holiness for him during a difficult family situation, and pray for his wife and child. Ask for him to have boldness and courage as he disciples leaders in the church. Also lift up Pastor Aaron. Pray for his continued education, and ask that his financial needs will be met as he provides for his extended family. Pray for boldness in sharing God’s Word as he matures. Pray for purity for Pastor Aaron, and ask that he will patiently pray and wait for a godly wife. Ask God to raise up other leaders within the church. Pray Psalm 19:10 (NASB) for this congregation, asking that as many church members are mining for gold, they will find God’s Word to be “more desirable than gold, yes, than much pure gold; sweeter also than honey.”