Karamojong of Uganda

(CARE-ah-muh-jong) – “Please pray for people in the group of villages in the Katome (pronounced kah-toh-may) area of Kaabong district that you began praying for last year. During the past few months, Katome has been a place of concentrated labor of evangelism. Pray for Karamojong Team member Elizabeth Noble as she works with Karamojong church members in this area. Pray for Levi, Mark, and William, church leaders in Katome, as they continue to lead efforts to share the gospel here. Praise God that the witch doctor of this place has come to know Jesus and has been radically transformed! She is now helping to lead a group of women in the way of Jesus. Pray for the nearby Sokudu Church leaders to remain courageous, be filled with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and have endurance. May all glory go to God! Give thanks to God that women and children are meeting faithfully to hear about Jesus. Pray that He will also raise up men to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.”