Lilongwe, Malawi, and Beyond

(li-LONG-way) – “Depending on the website you look at, Malawi is ranked somewhere within the top 10 poorest countries in the world,” writes the Malawi Team. “Almost everyone here relies on subsistence farming in some way to provide for themselves and their families. The rainy season typically begins in mid-December, but some years, it comes quite late. Please join with us in praying for good rains to come in good time for the fields of Malawi. There are times when too much or too heavy rains fall and flood fields, and seeds are washed away. We know that God is the one who provides rain for the field, strength for the farmer, and produce for the harvest. As you pray for the physical rain and health of the fields in Malawi, pray for the spiritual fields here, as well. Intercede for us as we faithfully plant and water the hearts of Malawians whom we are discipling or with whom we are sharing the gospel. Please ask God to continue to provide the increase.”