Malong of the Philippines

(mah-LONG) – Beth became a wife and mother before she was 20 years old and did not finish formal education beyond elementary school. She was born in a local tribe near a Malong village. She did not experience the fear that many in her tribe felt toward Malong people, and she married a Malong man, therefore, taking on his religious beliefs. When Malong community workers began a study time near her hut, she was shy to attend because she could not read. However, she began a close relationship with the community worker who explained that she didn’t have to know how to read but just to listen and understand the stories from the written Word that were being taught. Beth caught on quickly and was amazed by the stories that were being shared. She expressed wanting time with the community worker to ask further questions. Beth is very close to fully understanding the message orally taught that is changing her heart. Pray for Beth as she continues to voice belief in the stories from the Word and a desire to not follow the beliefs of her husband. Give thanks that Beth is listening well and her heart is being affected by the good news she is hearing.