Malong of the Philippines

(mah-LONG) – A season filled with much joy and celebration is also filled with the reality of less than 1% of the Malong people knowing the Prince of Peace. How can this be when neighboring areas have numerous churches? This is a problem that needs prayer, and it needs messengers bringing the good news. On Fridays, after Malong people attend their worship, they go to nearby malls to gather with family for meals and to take advantage of the bargains seen during the month of December. Pray that, as local believers are flocking to the same malls to do seasonal shopping, they will be sensitive to those who are dressed in ways that show they are from a different religious background. Pray they will be willing to have conversations in which they have the opportunity to explain the reason for the season. Pray that the tradition of voicing “Season’s Greetings” will flow to the ears and hearts of Malong people and that their lives will be transformed with true hope and joy and love.