Maputo, Mozambique: Capital City and Province

(mah-POO-too) – Hundreds of people come to the cities of Mozambique looking for job opportunities but often end up disappointed and unable to find work. Others come to study at the universities. What most don’t look for when coming to the cities is new life in Christ. However, because of evangelistic efforts by Southern Mozambique Team members reaching university students and planting a new church on the outskirts of the city, many are having the opportunity to hear the gospel. One neighborhood where there is a preaching point (new work) has a large population of workers who have come down from the north to work. They are hearing the Word of God preached, and it is the hope of the Southern Mozambique Team that they, in turn, will share with their families who remain in the northern provinces. Pray for seeds of the gospel to grow abundantly and spread like wildfire from the south to the north so that all may hear and have the opportunity to repent and believe!