Maputo, Mozambique: Capital City and Province

(mah-POO-too) – In May, Southern Mozambique Team members will host a volunteer from the United States whose ministry is open-air preaching and apologetics. He will teach and train Mozambicans in how to do this and then accompany them out to the streets of the city and university campuses to practice what they have learned. Pray for those who will be participating to be humble and to prepare their own hearts before God. Pray that they will be open to learning and that they will be bold and courageous to proclaim the gospel to all those passing by. Ask God to prepare the hearts of all those far from Him who will hear the gospel. May they be spurred to listen more, and may He stir discontentment in their hearts at being far from God or however else He needs to work in their lives to bring them to the cross of forgiveness and redemption.