Mebo of Laos

(MEE-boh) – In June 2014, intercessors began praying for Kain and Debbie, a Mebo couple who moved to an area where people from their minority people group lived. There were almost no Christians there at the time. The transition from an urban area to a rural area of many small mountainous villages was difficult, even causing Kain and Debbie marital problems. However, they were faithful in their calling and in their marriage. Today, there are more than a dozen small churches in this area. Some church members travel for hours to the urban area each quarter, where they attend 2-week Bible study workshops. These workshops help prepare the men and women to serve in church leadership and evangelism. Continue to pray for this couple as they remain steadfast in helping people come to know Jesus as their Savior. Pray for new Christians as they strive to know the Bible and share it with others. Pray for church leaders as they continue to serve in this area, equipping the church with Bible knowledge. Pray for a new generation who wants to see God glorified among their people. Thank you for your faithful prayers for the Mebo over the last 10 years!