Mebo of Laos

(MEE-boh) – Many of you have been praying for the Mebo for 10 years now. In December 2015, you were asked to pray for the possibility of training the local pastors across the land of the Mebo. Pastors were recognizing their need for training in biblical theology and church planting. The organization of evangelical churches in the country has become more strategic and has begun to put a real emphasis on teaching and training local leaders. There are opportunities for the local leadership to come to two weeklong training sessions at one of the larger churches. There is also the opportunity for people who are interested in becoming pastors to undergo a two-year program of study and internship. Thank God that they understand the need for training. Pray that many more of the Mebo will understand the importance of surrendering to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for praying. God is answering your prayers in specific ways that bring honor and glory to Him.