Mebo of Laos

(MEE-boh) – Christmas is always an important time in the land of the Mebo. It is the one time that believers are given permission to tell the Christmas story. This year many students are coming to English class, and there will be a Christmas party and program for them. The Mebo people love to party and have fun so the school is expecting all of the students to attend. They hope that many new students will come as well. English classes have always been a gateway to relationships and this year is no different. This past summer visitors were able to create new relationships with local people, and several local people have continued to connect with believers. Pray that this year there will be a spiritual connection because of Christmas with many of the students. Pray that they will understand that Christmas is about the birth of the One who wants to be their Savior. Pray that Christians in Mebo will use this time wisely in proclaiming the gospel.