Mebo of Laos

(MEE-boh) – The Mebo of Laos are a diverse blend of ethnic minorities that live primarily in the southern portion of Laos. There are approximately 1,551,700 Mebo in Laos (2023 estimate). The Mebo live an agrarian lifestyle, typically consisting of subsistence farming. The influence of Buddhism is clearly seen in Mebo society, but it serves more as a veneer to their traditional ethnic religions, such as ancestor worship and animism. The Mebo believe that the ancestral spirits remain actively involved in their lives and should be cared for and fed. They are also strongly influenced by the belief that objects of nature, such as rivers, forests, mountains, and trees, are inhabited by spirits who can directly influence the course of their lives. The Mebo are less than 1% Christian and many of the minorities do not have Bible translations in their heart languages. Please pray for the salvation of the Mebo.