Middle Eastern Arabs in the Southern United Kingdom

Nour remembers first encountering Jesus in her family house in her homeland. An actor in the film she was watching was wearing a cross around his neck, and Nour could not take her eyes away. Other family members were watching the film, but Nour felt intense emotion looking at the pendant. She began to weep, and after seeing that her family was not overcome at the sight of the object, she excused herself from the room. She went to her bed and prayed to Jesus. Even though she had practiced prayers as a Muslim five times every day, this was the first time that her prayer brought her joy and peace. She began asking her mother questions about Jesus but was told to keep quiet. As the years passed, she knew that the only way to follow Jesus would be to leave her family and live in a country where she would be free from oppression. Nour is now studying God’s Word with another believer in the United Kingdom. Pray for believers who are not able to worship the Father openly. Ask that they will find joy amid the difficult circumstances in which they find themselves.