Middle Eastern Arabs in the Southern United Kingdom

Rubie was 9 years old when her father arranged for her engagement. She was married by the age of 14 when she officially became a woman. This was the custom within her family in their homeland. Rubie did not have an opportunity to go to school until her husband relocated the family to the United Kingdom and the youngest of her children was nearing school age. Rubie dreams of learning English so that she can talk to her neighbors. She longs to have a friend. She daydreams about sitting in a coffee shop, sipping tea and laughing with a dear friend, as she once witnessed through a café window during her weekly walk to the grocery store. She loves her children but often feels a deep loneliness. She just hopes that her husband will permit her to continue attending the English class since her teacher sometimes speaks about Jesus and the hope that He brings. Please pray that Rubie will learn enough English to understand the love of Jesus and feel His continual presence.