Middle Eastern Arabs in the Southern United Kingdom

During a Bible study, a simple question was asked: If Jesus were to walk into the room and sit in front of you, what would you ask Him? Raya thought about the question and then used an internet translation tool to help her understand. She stood up in front of the group and answered, “I would ask Jesus why women are second class.” Raya has lived in the Middle East her whole life and has been unable to attend school, leave her home without a male relative chaperone, or show any amount of skin in public. She grew up living in fear of what men would do to her if she disobeyed the rules. When Raya arrived in the United Kingdom to seek asylum, she sought out the friendship of anyone except a Muslim. That part of her life was something she no longer accepted. Knowing God existed, she wanted to find a God who also loved her, not just men. Will you pray for Raya? Pray that she will feel the love of God through Jesus. Pray that she will find healing through stories of women in the Bible whom Jesus loved.