Missionary Explorers, Project 3000

“I have been searching for weeks for an unengaged and unreached people group,” Missionary Explorer John Pratt said. “I found some from that group, but after I asked God to direct me to those who are open to the gospel, I felt I should visit a different village. I drove there and parked at a body of water to take in the view and watch a man fishing. He walked over and asked what I was doing. I told him and was surprised when he said he was from that people group! I asked if he had ever heard of Jesus. He had seen a movie a long time ago about Jesus but didn’t get the gospel. After sharing the gospel with him and answering his questions, he sat deep in thought. “What do you need before you will believe?” I asked. Then he lifted his shirt. “I desperately need this rash and this lump on my stomach to go away,” he said. “My other gods haven’t fixed me.” I prayed, desperately asking God to heal his body. Now, I am asking you all to pray too — not because God needs to prove Himself, but because I want to see this man experience God’s healing. Thank you for praying.”