Mongolian Peoples of Outer Mongolia and Russia

(mon-GOHL-yun) – Thank you for asking God to bring emotional healing to the children of the couple who were killed in a car accident in November. On March 3, they went to church together for the first time since the accident. The church was silent as the 9-year-old girl quoted Joshua 1:6-9 during the time when children shared memorized Scriptures. The boys who knew her dad as their soccer coach were especially attentive. Their almost 2-year-old baby sister is still with their mother’s unbelieving parents in the countryside. Please ask that God will bring them to live together very soon and that He will completely heal the 7-year-old’s leg. Also, please ask God to use the church to minister to the four boys who were in the vehicle and are still struggling with physical and emotional scars.