Mongolian Peoples of Outer Mongolia and Russia

(mon-GOHL-yun) – For over 20 years, God has used an annual project by a Great Commission Christian (GCC) organization to open doors to share the gospel. This project has provided an entry opportunity to an area with no previous gospel witness or church. In a country of 3.3 million people with only about 35,000 followers of Jesus, there are still many who need to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. This year, in the eastern provinces of Mongolia, believers began engaging the area in April by training local church leaders and praying. Several of the locations they prayed for this year are the schools for training boys to become Buddhist priests as well as the many training grounds for racehorses where boys live and care for the horses. In addition to hearing the gospel during the project, a children’s gospel booklet in Mongolian is presented. Ask God to prepare the hearts of children and adults to hear and receive the good news, and for Him to use these gospel booklets to reach many others.