Mountain People of the Horn of Africa

The Mountain People, the majority of whom profess to be Orthodox, are celebrating religious holidays during this season under the shadow of violence and unrest. Many Mountain People pray, go to church, and fast, but they do not personally know the Son. In the midst of unrest, some people’s eyes have been opened to the emptiness of religion and rituals. The ones who, in the past, have looked to religious leaders and a religious system for salvation, are becoming disillusioned. Praise the Father for this! Please pray that as walls are torn down, they will not be replaced by new walls of atheism and unbelief but instead, will be replaced by fertile ground and soft hearts that are ready to hear and accept the good news. Pray for wisdom and boldness for genuine believers as they seek to minister to their friends and family. Pray for many good conversations, for open doors, and for those living in darkness to understand the love of the Father.