Mountaineers of North Africa

Scattered in villages along the mountains is a resilient and adaptable, but unreached, people who have lived in North Africa for millennia. Since Arabization, the Mountaineers have succeeded in maintaining their traditional language and much of their unique culture, but they are also very quick to accommodate Arab culture, including the integration of Islam and the local dialect of Arabic. Their villages are built around extended family groups to which they are fiercely loyal. Originally shepherds and farmers, many Mountaineers have opted for education and jobs in modern society. They have been described as sturdy, thrifty, hospitable, proud, shrewd, persistent, and loyal. The spiritual soil to plow is as tough as the land on which they live. There is little to no gospel exposure among this large people group. There are no written gospel resources in their heart language because it is not a written language. There are several oral resources, including some parts of Scripture that have been recorded, but access to these resources is extremely limited. But God is at work, and there are some who are hearing the truth. Please pray for the salvation of the Mountaineers.