Muslims of China

Generally, within seven days of a birth, the imam of a local mosque will give a Hui child an Islamic name from the Quran. This name is considered the person’s true name, even though the child will also be given a Chinese name before starting school. It is customary for Muslims to sacrifice a sheep for protection over the child’s life. When male children are circumcised, usually after five years of age, Hui families celebrate with a feast. These childhood rituals, not practiced among the Chinese majority, reinforce the cultural identity of the Hui, further separating them from non-Muslim Chinese. Please pray this week for Hui children. Pray for those in poor rural areas to receive proper nutrition, decent healthcare, and education. May Hui children be treated with love and affection by their parents and grandparents. Pray that they will have an opportunity to hear the true stories of God, Adam and Eve, Abraham, Sarah and Isaac, David, John the Baptist, and Jesus. Ask for them to study well, go to college, and have an opportunity to meet a Christian witness. Pray all these things so that they will know Jesus and have saving faith in Him.