Muslims of China

Located near the airport in Sanya on Hainan Island are the Utsat, a small unreached people group of about 8,500 people known locally as the Huihui. They identify as part of the Hui minority group in China, but they are distinct. They trace their ancestry back to Malaysia, Cambodia and/or Vietnam in the 18th or 19th century. They were Muslim when they arrived on Hainan Island about 400 years ago and have never wavered from their beliefs. Over the years, Muslim teachers have traveled from Malaysia to teach the Utsat the tenets of Islam and how to read Arabic. Pray that the Utsat would hunger and thirst for the truth of the God’s gospel. Pray that they will want to read the Bible and hide God’s word in their hearts. Pray that the Utsat will trust Jesus and find their identity as children of the one true God.