Muslims of China

“Because of Jesus’ death, we can receive God’s forgiveness through repentance. Because of His resurrection, we have hope. In Christ, we have eternal life and salvation! The good news is that everyone who confesses that Jesus is Lord and believes that God raised him from the dead will be saved! Accordingly, there is no salvation for those who reject that Jesus is Lord or deny that He died and was raised from the dead. The greatest need then, of the Hui people for whom we often pray, is to hear and receive the Word of God which testifies to salvation through the Son of God. What we are asking for is a great miracle because people who don’t follow Him are spiritually dead, as Ephesians Chapter 2 describes. We appeal to God’s great mercy and great love. We pray for the glory of His name and that He will rescue the Hui from their sin and make them alive in Christ!”