Muslims of Three States in South India

At the “See Say Pray” evangelism event held at “City Hub,” 42 people attended to “See” something from God’s Word about evangelism, learn what to “Say” when sharing the good news with a Muslim, and “Pray” as they go out and share that good news. For most people attending, it was their first time to go out and share the gospel. On the first day of this two-day event, 94 people heard the gospel, and on the second day, 76 people heard. There was joyous testimony shared about how the Lord worked through these brothers and sisters to whom He gave boldness and peace to go out in love and share with Muslim people. The local church taking ownership of the work of evangelism and Muslims hearing the good news is worth praising the Lord for; He is due His praise! Please pray for the people who heard, asking that the Lord will save them, and pray that the brothers’ and sisters’ interest in evangelism will not be quenched, but rather grow. Another local “See Say Pray” will be happening in April in “G-Town.” Please lift up the brothers and sister leading out, and pray that the Lord will be glorified in “G-Town.”