Muslims of Three States in South India

Two groups of visiting believers will be serving as the hands and feet of Jesus among young adults this spring. They will be visiting a college campus, making friends at all the cool hangouts, and sharing the good news in Muslim areas. Often, such visiting groups sow the gospel seed so broadly that it’s difficult for local believers to follow up with everyone who expresses an interest in knowing more. Therefore, some local believers have decided to host a seekers’ event for young adults near the end of each group’s visit. As the visiting believers encounter someone wanting to know more, they can invite them to this event. It will be a relaxed, enjoyable environment for the seekers and a way that the local believers can follow up with all those who are interested in the good news. Please ask the Lord to bless the efforts of these visitors and local believers. Pray that many people will hear the good news and want to know more. May many Muslims come to saving faith in Jesus as a result!