N. Africans/Middle Easterners, North Star, France

In a country known worldwide for its baguettes and brie cheese, you can find neighborhoods like “Porter,” where a North African butcher sells meat prepared according to his religious standards, a North African family runs a cafe where they serve mint tea and traditional breads, and the women having tea in the cafe are originally from another North African country. The women talk about their hometowns as they linger over tea. “Porter” isn’t like the neighborhoods around it. The cultures are different. The food and drink are different. And yet, the need for the gospel of Jesus Christ to penetrate their hearts, minds, and souls is as great in this North African neighborhood as it is in the French ones. Pray for the women who sit at the café and sip their tea before going about their business. Lift up the family who owns the café and the man across the street who sells “halal” (permissible) meat. Pray for them to know that their Creator is holy, they are sinful, and God has made a way for them to be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ. Pray for this neighborhood, asking that the light of Christ will shine brightly and be proclaimed boldly.