Nairobi, Kenya

(ny-ROH-bee) – As a worker in Nairobi was saying goodbye to friends in the city, God revealed Himself in a special way. The worker’s Kenyan friend operates a fruit stand, and fellow workers would go and sit with her after Swahili-language lessons and practice what they had learned. While the worker, accompanied by some other workers, was saying goodbye to her, two “boda” (motorcycle taxi) drivers came up to do business with the fruit stand owner. The workers were able to share the gospel with them and felt that the Holy Spirit’s power was calling these men back to church. It turns out that these men had been away from church for four or five years. One of them explained that he’d had lots of issues with the church business and with pastors who were promoting the prosperity gospel. Give thanks that even in goodbyes, God works through weakness to draw people to Himself and for His glory!