Nairobi, Kenya

(ny-ROH-bee) – On Good Friday, five churches came together in Nairobi South for the sake of the gospel. The pastor of a Baptist church needed workers for the harvest (Luke 10:2). He contacted his brethren and invited their churches to pray, to prepare, and to go to this community for gospel seed sowing. More than 35 brothers and sisters in Christ responded to this request. Upon arrival at his church in Rongai, they worshiped, heard the Word of God, and were sent out in teams. As they went into the community armed with Word of God and powered by the Holy Spirit to bring the good news to the lost, they found that God had prepared this field for harvest. In two hours, 71 people heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and 31 names were written in the Book of Life. To God be the glory for the harvest He prepared on Good Friday! Please pray for more pastors and churches to come together to evangelize, pray, and sow the seeds of the gospel for His glory.