Nairobi, Kenya

(ny-ROH-bee) – “The week before Christmas was the time to make Jesus known,” writes the Nairobi City Team. “A worker was asked by a church pastor to train youth who were out of school then in order to keep them busy and also to fill them with the Word of God. The worker accepted, and for three days, 17-30 youth came daily to learn the names of Jesus. The youth also read Scripture at night about a specific biblical name/title of Jesus, and the next day, they taught others what they had learned. The youth were so amazing in how dedicated they were! They were challenged to teach their siblings, their families, and their neighbors. By one pastor asking one worker to keep youth busy, the knowledge of Jesus’ names/titles spread from a few to many. The youth are now moving on to another topic: learning God’s purpose for them based upon the identity of Jesus Christ. Spread the gospel by teaching a teen! Pray that more youth will seek Jesus in 2024. The average age of the African population is 17.5-18.8 years old. May Jesus continue to be made known to future family members and church leaders, all for the glory of God.”