North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

After many years living in different refugee camps in one European country, Elif, a single mother, finally received documents that both guarantee her continued stay as well as allow her to move into a home of her own. After searching for several months, she finally found an available apartment that she could afford to move into with her elementary school-age son. Recently, Elif’s son was hospitalized for almost a week, with tests revealing a number of concerns, including a new medical diagnosis. While the new apartment will provide a better living situation for the two of them, the moving process has added more stress onto Elif as she navigates the unexpected adjustments to their lives. For months, she has been reading and watching stories of Christ with a believing friend. Pray that she will come to know the Father and the comfort and hope that a relationship with Him offers. Pray for Elif and her son in this season of uncertainty and concern.