North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

There have been many ups and downs in the three years that Faisal and his family have lived in their new country. His three teenagers have worked hard to learn the local language quickly and try to make friends at school. Ahlam, his wife, was diagnosed with cancer, and after surgery, continues biweekly treatments. Having become believers in the first country they arrived in after leaving their homeland, they have searched for a community of faith to become part of since having been relocated. A couple of months ago, they finally found a church that, despite the language barrier, welcomed them with open arms instead of lukewarm distance. Easter was a time of celebration together, remembering both what Christ had done for them long ago and continues doing each day. Praise the Lord for guiding Faisal’s family to a church committed to loving and welcoming others of all backgrounds! Pray that the support of these new believing friends will bring great encouragement and comfort to Faisal and Ahlam as they continue to adjust to life far from home and grow in their faith.