North Africa/Middle East Refugees in the Diaspora

This is what Aaaqil told a believer recently: Aaaqil has been away from his home country for many years but still has a story like so many others. He came to the country where he now lives looking for a better life but has only been frustrated at every turn. He’s thankful for a place to stay, but he must share it with often more than 30 other men from his home country. They must share everything, including time in a cramped bathroom where frequently one person is taking a shower, another is using the toilet, and another is brushing his teeth, all at the same time. Aaaqil doesn’t smile often but recently attended a party hosted by believers in his city. He seemed really happy to have a distraction from the difficulties he faces every day. Although the party didn’t require formal dress, he showed up wearing a suit! It was apparent to all that he was proud to be there. Please pray that amid feeling hopeless, Aaaqil can find hope in Christ. Although Aaaqil feels like he has no life, pray that he will find new life in Christ, a life in which he can experience happiness regardless of his physical circumstances.