North Africans in the Netherlands

Binyamin, a true sojourner, comes from a people group that resides in a land that is not their own. He now lives in Europe and is no stranger to living in and acclimating to another culture. Though from an Islamic background, he no longer considers himself to be Muslim. Each week, he attends church and a Bible study with others of a similar background. He enjoys the study and is faithful to read the passages and participate in discussions. They read through the Book of Matthew each week, and Binyamin often understands well who Jesus is and what the gospel means. Please pray for him to continue to grow in understanding and, ultimately, to take the step of faith in following Jesus. The cost of choosing to follow is great for those of his background. Please pray for protection over the work that God is doing in Binyamin’s life. Pray for the church members to continue to love him well and invest in him. Praise God for how He is moving!