North Africans in the Netherlands

Each week, people trickle into the common room with curious looks on their faces. Are they interested in the art demonstration today? Will they paint or draw? Will they just watch as others participate? For years now, whenever possible, an art class has been offered at the refugee center. It is an opportunity for refugees of different ages, genders, and backgrounds to meet around a table and connect through a common creative experience. It gives them something constructive to do, meets a need for creativity, and allows for community and laughter. The attendees have difficult stories filled with war, pain, and even persecution. Few of them know of the love of Christ. Praise God for this art class and how He’s using it to give refugees a place of belonging! Please pray for these refugees to encounter healing, love, and peace in Jesus. Pray that this art class will be able to keep being offered, even grow, and continue to be a place of community and creativity. Ask for opportunities to come from this class to show and speak the hope in Jesus.