North Africans/Mid Easterners, Pastel City, France

Ellianna met a group of believers while attending college in Europe. Like many students, she thinks of herself as tolerant, progressive, and secular. Ellianna is happy with her current lifestyle and believes that the Bible is a compilation of “archaic rules” that are too confining and outdated. Although she is not seeking a spiritual change, she did attend a Christmas party hosted by the group of believers, where she met another believing young woman. The two connected quickly. Ellianna listened as her new friend explained that the Bible is more than a rule book because it tells the good news about God’s great love for us. A few days later, Ellianna initiated another meeting by contacting her new friend. When they met, Ellianna heard the gospel again. Pray that this relationship will continue to grow and strengthen. Pray that Ellianna will be open to studying the Bible and be convicted that it is much more than rules, “for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16 ESV). Pray for her eyes to be open to her need for the Savior.