North Africans/Mid Easterners, Pastel City, France

Zahra and her husband and children recently moved to France from North Africa with almost nothing except hope for a brighter future. Zahra quickly formed a friendship with a believing mother at their children’s school. They often talked about their hopes for their children, especially for the child that Zahra was expecting. When Zahra’s unborn child was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, she asked her friend if she should abort the baby. Her friend explained that all children are a gift from God, encouraged her to keep the baby, and prayed with her about the decision. Zahra chose to continue the pregnancy, knowing that the baby faced two major surgeries within months of her birth. The two friends continued to pray for Zahra to experience God’s peace. Just days before her delivery date last month, Zahra was told that her baby had died. Zahra delivered her stillborn child and named her “Light” in her native language. Praise God for Zahra’s choice! Pray that she will continue to seek the true Light even in this dark moment. Pray for the believing friend as she comforts Zahra with the entire gospel. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4 ESV).