North Africans/Middle Easterners, Northern France

While out in the city, two believers greeted Brahim, a North African man, in the local language. He haltingly replied that he didn’t know French or any other language that would be helpful for conversing. He seemed relieved that he wouldn’t have to struggle talking in a language that he didn’t understand. Yet as he turned to go, one of the believers began to address him in his heart language of Arabic. Amazed, he returned and began to talk with the believer. As the conversation turned to the gospel, Brahim used questions to throw off talking about Jesus. However, when the believer patiently explained the reason for the hope that is within, Brahim stopped and listened intently to the message of life. This was the first time that he had heard about forgiveness and eternal life in Christ. Pray that the Lord will grow this gospel seed that has been sown in Brahim’s heart. Ask that it will grow in good soil, bringing forth the fruit of faith and repentance in Christ. Praise the Lord that He communicates His message in every language so that the world may know Him!