North Africans/Middle Easterners, Northern France

Fatima Zorah has lived in Europe for many years now. Originally from North Africa, her understanding of God came mainly from Islam, as she considered herself to be a Muslim. Recently, however, she’s been contemplating whether God will let her into paradise. She’s had a very difficult life and struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. After chatting with a believer about God’s goodness and the hope that awaits in heaven for those who follow Jesus, she is convinced that God is actively listening and working in her life. She was given an audio player and has access to the Bible in her heart language of Arabic. Thank the Lord for the openness of Fatima Zorah to listen to and receive the Bible! Praise God for His active pursuit and working in her life! With the many opportunities she has had to hear the truth, pray that her ears will be receptively open and her heart ready to believe and accept the salvation and redemption of Jesus. Pray that the Word she listens to will not return void but will accomplish its purpose in her life (Isaiah 55:11), leading her to surrender all to follow Jesus.