Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples

Although their population totals 72,900 in four countries around the world, the Turoyo in the United Kingdom number just 8,900. With their overarching religion being Orthodox Christianity, they are specifically a part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. While the Turoyo have access to the gospel through Bible translations, the “JESUS” film, and gospel recordings in their language of Turoyo, they are still considered unreached. Pray for the Turoyo of the U.K. to “confess with [their] mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in [their] heart that God raised him from the dead [so they] will be saved” (Romans 10:9 ESV). Give thanks to God that they can engage with the gospel in their heart language! Pray for the Spirit to give understanding of the truth of the gospel–that it is not by their own works that they gain salvation, but it is through the completed work of Christ. Ask the Spirit to open their eyes. May the Turoyo of the United Kingdom become new creations in Christ.