Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples

The union of a man and a woman in marriage among the desert peoples of northern Africa is culturally expected and important. The outcome of a successful marriage is to have children, especially the blessing of sons. Among Muslims, a man can legally have up to four wives, although usually only the wealthy can afford more than one wife. Some men will have a wife in town and a wife in the country. Generally, communication between a husband and wife is superficial, dealing with the concerns of running the home. Topics of the heart, of faith, and of aspirations are typically not discussed. Please intercede for the marriages among the desert peoples. Ask God to deepen relationships and communication between couples. Pray for husbands and wives to seek God together. Especially as men hear the gospel, pray for them to share this important news with their wives. Pray for husbands and wives to believe together and build strong marriages based on the Lord.