Northern African and Middle Eastern Unengaged Peoples

A small portion of the Shawiya, a Berber people group, live in Tunisia, while the majority live on the other side of the border in Algeria. Numbering at 2,732,500 worldwide, only 51,500 Shawiya reside in Tunisia, and they are separated from the larger tribe in Algeria. The Shawiya are primarily shepherds, but they also farm as needed. Berber peoples across North Africa have fought for their identity throughout history, and the Shawiya are no exception. It is important to them to keep their Berber identity, culture, language, and practices. However, they have adopted Islam as their primary religion, with some adhering to it nominally while others are practicing Muslims. They speak Tachawit and have access to Bible resources in their heart language. Pray for believers to take steps in reaching the Shawiya people. Ask the Father to put an interest in the truth in the hearts of the Shawiya and bring many into His fold. May these resources bear much fruit among this people group so they may know and worship the Lord and Savior.