Nubians of Northern Africa

(NOO-bee-ans) – The Nubian culture is rich in history, as it traces back to 2,000 B.C. Stories of the mighty kingdom of Kush can be told. Ancient temples and rock paintings that describe the rise and fall of ancient Egypt and Nubia continue to impress. Today, visitors can enjoy the rich flavor of Nubian culture as they tour the ancient sites, partake in local hospitality, view unique wall paintings, and admire handmade crafts. Amid this rich history and culture live a people who greatly need the gospel. During this holiday season when visitors travel to the Upper Egypt region to enjoy warmer temperatures, may the gospel go forth. Pray for believers to visit, show appreciation for the Nubian culture, and take opportunities to share the good news. Pray for Nubians who are thirsting for God to be led to believers who can clearly share with them. Pray for Christ to visit the Nubian people this Christmas!