Outer Edge People of N. Africa & the Middle East

“Welcome! Come, let’s have tea!” Often, a brief conversation with a person in the Outer Edge of northern Africa and the Middle East will lead to an invitation for three rounds of tea, one of their hospitable customs. The Outer Edge people are fiercely loyal to their cultural traditions, beliefs, and their homeland in the desert. They belong to many different tribes, which determine their social status and economic outlook, but nearly all Outer Edge people identify as a Sunni Muslim, and their religion heavily influences their daily lives. They are a spiritual people, and in addition to Islam, they are superstitious, believing in the power of spirits to manipulate the world around them. For centuries, a majority were nomadic herders, but environmental factors, such as drought, have driven them into the cities in search of work. Urban and rural lifestyles vary drastically, but at the core, most of the people are spiritually lost and have never heard the gospel. There are resources such as the “JESUS” film, oral Bible story sets, and the New Testament in their dialect. They do not yet have a translation of the Bible. Please pray for the salvation of the Outer Edge people.