Outer Edge People of N. Africa & the Middle East

Persecution among a minority group has intensified in the past week. Police found incriminating evidence of a local believer, and a warrant for his arrest was issued. When warned by concerned people of pending imprisonment, the brother decided not to flee, but instead stand for Christ and the church he was called to serve. Soon after his arrest, more people were arrested and questioned. However,  believers in this area were emboldened by their leadership–some even turned themselves in, saying: “They can’t kill us all!” There has been a threat of mobs hunting down other believers and burning their property around the region. Please pray for the families of those taken, as most of them are poor and live day-to-day. Pray that these brothers and sisters in chains will be bold to share with other prisoners and guards, using this opportunity to preach the gospel, even if it means loss of life or freedom. Pray that they will be released. Lastly, pray that the gospel will spread from the lips of the “least of these” to thousands more in the region. May God be glorified!